Tumbled Crystals (lb)

Tumbled Crystals (lb)

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Tumbled stones for positive energy, good luck and more. We start with the highest grade raw crystals (amethyst, rose quartz, and more) and then gently tumble them until the surfaces are smooth and naturally shiny. This is done so you can keep the stones in your bag or in your room, without any fear of injury.

While keeping it together as a set it works toward promoting self love and admiration for the life. Good for emotional healing. Can be used for Chakra balancing, total wellness for the home and its' residents. Looks pretty in a Selenite recharging bowl.

You will be receiving one pound of high-grade tumbled crystals, of varying shapes/colors and sizes.

Note: Rocks are not a man made product, it's all natural. Due to the nature of it's origin the product may look slightly different than the photo