Palo Santo (5 Stick Pack)
Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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Transform your daily routine into a sanctuary of calm with our premium Palo Santo from Peru! 🌿 Immerse yourself in its soothing aroma, designed to  promote relaxation effortlessly. Not just a delightful scent, our Palo Santo brings a touch of nature's magic to your well-being journey.

Feel the positive vibes as it aids in physical healing and mental clarity, creating a perfect balance for your busy life. Whether you're into meditation or simply want to add a dash of tranquility to your space, our Palo Santo is your easy ticket to a more centered and mindful you. ✨🌈

Palo Santo sticks are used for a variety of purposes from religious rituals (cleansing negative energy) to people who simply like the rich, woody smell. Each order of this product contains five sticks of high-grade, aromatic Peruvian Palo Santo sticks.