Spiritual Fragrances for Body

'Attar', also known as 'Ittir' are highly concentrated form of natural fragrance oils that has been either hydro or steam distilled from flowers or herbs. Those oils are generally distilled into a fragrant wood base such as sandalwood before going through the aging processes. The aging period can last for many years depending on the botanicals used and the intensity of the perfumes desired. This is one of the oldest natural fragrant, almost 5000 years old. Attar gained a lot of popularity during the ruling of the Mughal dynasty in India. In the Eastern world, a practice of nobility was to offer ittir to their guests.  Attar(ittir) are offered ina well  decorated crystal vial.  Until today, in many countries of Asia, Africa and in Middle-East exchanging attar has been continued as a gift is to show respect.   

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