Dog Bone Salt Lick

Dog Bone Salt Lick

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Animal Licks

Let your animal live the natural way, do not offer them the chemically made licks but the ancient Himalayan crystal salt them as they deserve.Start feeding them these natural salt licks direct from Himalayan salt mines and notice the changes in their growth and performances. These crystal salt licks are the purest, unpolluted and without any chemical additive, absolutely organic.  

Unlike artificially made licks, these Himalayan salt licks offer numerous health advantages to animals. These are as pure as was the ocean 250 million years ago. These wonderful licks have undergone through a longest natural manufacturing process spanning 250 million years. During this process, nature had added 84 precious minerals and trace elements in the right proportion, at right time and under right temperature and pressure.

This natural process started when primal ocean got dried up by the sun energy leaving behind the largest bed. With the passage of time, this seabed gets covered up by trillions of tons of rocks and earth and went completely hidden and unapproachable by living creature on the planet in that region. The site where all this happened is known as Himalayan foothills nowadays.

It was only in 326 BC when  Alexander the great in his quest to conquer the world passed through this valley. He along with his soldiers and horses camped in this beautiful valley.One of his soldiers suddenly noticed that horses instead of grazing grass, licking the rocks and this is how they discovered these Himalayan crystal salt  deposits

These Himalayan crystal salt licks are more than a salt, rather these are complete health supplement  both for human and other living creature including those of animals, horses, cows, buffaloes, cattle, sheep, camels & Pet animals licking salt

Salt deficiencies is more troublesome in cattle, as they always need salt every day for: (Na) osmotic pressure maintenance, acid-base balance, body-fluid balance, nerve transmission and active transport of amino acids, as well as cellular uptake of glucose carrier protein, and Na, as a part of salt, is a major cation of extracellular fluid and provides the majority of alkaline reserve in plasma. Chlorine is necessary for activation of amylase, formation of gastric HCl acid, and is involved in respiration and regulation of blood pH. Deficiency of salt include muscle cramps, rough coat, decreased feed intake, licking and chewing various objects, as well as decreased production. Dairy cows get hit the hardest first with salt deficiency and may collapse and die if they have been salt deficient for a long period of time.

We select the food grade rocks of salt crystal to craft these natural licks. These rocks are hard and an animal cant bite the chunk off as compared to artificially made licks…These are weather resistant. Licks are made in different weights and provided with a handy rope for easy hanging on fences and branches of trees in the pasture. Himalayan Rock Salt Licks are literally ‘rock hard’, which means that animals are unable to bite chunks off, a problem that can occur with the softer ‘pressed’ salt licks. The licks are also much more weather-resistant and can be hung up in the field for animals to ‘self-dose’, exactly as nature intended.