Six top essential oils to fight colds and the winter blues

Winter is all around us: the kids are out of school, guests coming in from out of state and the malls are crowded. Combine this with extreme hot/cold weather, fires and (as always) the flu, and it's a perfect combination to get sick! 之

To protect us from respiratory attacks and the cold/ flu we need to learn to take care of ourselves a little extra this season. We totally recommend natural remedies ratherthan waiting 'til you're sick and stuck in bed, or hobbling to the drug store to pick up painkillers and cold medicine. So, friends lets take some precautions using the all natural essential oils!

The reason it is called Essential because it really helps us to stay away from lots of issues (especially air-borne illnesses) by helping us to build a strong immune system. The following essential oils can be used in many ways: in essential oil diffusers, oil warmers, in bath water or as a room spray.You can also combine these oils to make all-natural cleaning products for your house.

Peppermint and Tea Tree
A natural disinfectant:
Fights infection and bacteria:
Antiseptic and immune support:

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